Frequently asked questions 

  • How do I contact my governor?

    To contact your governor click here or phone the membership office on 020 3447 9290.

  • What is a foundation trust?

    NHS foundation trusts were originally created under the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003. They are free from central government control. This means they have the freedom to make their own decisions, including whether to make and invest surpluses, and to manage their own affairs. However, they are subject to statutory requirements and all have a duty to exercise their functions effectively, efficiently and economically. They provide health care in line with the core NHS principles: that care should be universal, comprehensive and free at the point of need.

  • What does membership involve?

    Members can get involved as much or as little as they wish. Some members prefer to use their membership as an information service to keep up to date with what is happening at UCLH. Some members want to have a more active role, for example taking part in specific projects, attending the MembersMeets or stand for governor. Members join for different reasons, for example some join because they have a specific interest in one our services or have an interest in the patient experience.

  • How do I become a member?

    Click here and this will take you to the joining instructions.

  • Is it free to join the membership and what happens after joining?

    Yes it’s completely free to join the membership. Upon joining members are issued with a membership number and sent a membership card. Members will receive UCLH News, the magazine for members in the post; members who prefer to receive this by newsletter they should contact the membership office.
    All our members play a crucial role during elections as only they can elect the governors. Voting is a great way to get involved – it is all done by post with no cost to the members.
  • Who can become a member?

    Anyone who meets the following criteria can join our membership (the minimum age for membership is 14):

    Public membership - resident of London

    Patient membership - UCLH patient who has been seen in the last three years

    Patient carer - an unpaid carer of a patient who has been seen in the past three years. Both carer and patient can become members

    If you live in London and also meet the eligibility criteria for the patient membership, you can chose which one you wish to be in. The difference between the public and patient memberships is the governors you vote for you represent that constituency. If you do not chose the default will be the public constituency.

    Staff membership – UCLH staff (which includes contract, honorary and agency staff) automatically become members, unless they choose to opt out. If anyone has chosen to opt out they are not able to join the public or patient membership whilst they are employed by UCLH.

  • What is the Council of Governors – what is involved?

    The Council of Governors (until August 2014 called the Governing Body) comprises members of the public, patients, staff and partner organisations and is a valued and effective body advising UCLH on issues that are important to patients and the wider community, as well as carrying out its statutory duties. It works with UCLH to ensure it provides the best possible service to its patients. Governors are generally elected for a three year term and can serve for a maximum of six years. The role is unpaid but all reasonable expenses (such as travel) are reimbursed.

    To find out more about the Council of Governors and your governors click here.

  • How can I become a governor?

    We hold elections in our public and patient constituencies each year. You can register your interest to stand for governor at any time via the membership office. We also place information in UCLH News and on our website. Any member, aged 18 or over, can stand for governor when there is an election in their constituency. Members can only vote for governors in the constituency they are in, for example a public member cannot vote for a patient member and vice-versa. If you are unsure which constituency you are in contact the membership office.
  • How do I raise an issue with a governor?

    You can contact your governors via this link or through the membership office.

  • How do I contact the membership office?

    If you have you any queries or would like to know more contact Liz Rose, Membership Office - email phone 020 3447 9290 or you can write to the membership office at the following address:
    Freepost RTAE-KYKA-YTXK
    Membership Office
    2nd Floor Central
    250 Euston Road
    NW1 2PG