GP survey 2016: the results and actions 

26/07/2017 00:00 

UCLH has undertaken its annual GP survey, which this year consisted of three questions answered by 111 GPs. Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.

We asked you to rate the communication between UCLH clinicians and your GP practice in relation to general clinical care, drug regimens, test results, service changes, recent news and events, on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent. The average score was 2.9.

We also asked you how likely you were to recommend us to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment, and two out of three GPs said they were likely to do so.

Finally, we asked you to name the areas which most needed improvement. The top five areas were:

  • Timeliness of letters
  • Referrals following DNAs
  • Contacting departments
  • Quality of discharge summaries
  • Diagnostics results reporting

The Integrated Care team has developed an action plan to address these areas requiring improvement. This will feed into a wider action plan in line with the six new requirements set out in the NHS Standard Contract 2016/2017 to improve how hospitals work with general practice.

Timeliness of letters
A new project will improve the quality and turnaround times for clinical letters to patients, GPs, GDPs and other referrers. This will be a safe, efficient and seamless system which will be rolled out across UCLH. Patients and GPs should see the benefits of this work over the course of the next financial year.

Referrals following DNAs
We are working on three projects that will help improve patient and staff experience:

  • Appointment letters – improving the accuracy and quality of letters
  • Text reminders – increasing the use of reminders across UCLH
  • Call reminders – introducing this more widely across UCLH

Contacting departments
We aim to improve the often poor experience both patients and staff have when trying to contact specific areas of our hospitals. A new project is focused on developing a robust process that is adopted across UCLH, to ensure that departments are easier to contact.

Quality of discharge summaries
A new proposal approved in Dec 2016 will support the elimination of batch printing in ED. In addition, UCLH has worked with Islington CCG to switch off the dual process of sending documents electronically and via paper meaning there is now a single process for staff to follow. We hope this will significantly reduce the issue of practices receiving multiple copies. We will also work with GP colleagues to review the content against best practice guidance and make recommendations for any changes to discharge summaries.

Diagnostics results reporting
UCLH recognises that the turnaround time for Imaging is far from ideal. From summer 2017 our aim is to open MRI scanners for an additional hour every evening and all six scanners will work at weekends (currently only three do so). This additional capacity should help further reduce the wait. The department has also made the case for an additional five consultant radiologists for 2017/18.

Contact: Samantha Philpott-Jones, Matron, Integrated Care,, 020 3447 5453.

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