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Radiology waiting and reporting times

22 March, 2019

The implementation of Epic will see the replacement of the current radiology information system with an Epic module

Our new electronic health record system - and what it means for you

11 March, 2019

On 31 March 2019, UCLH will be switching on a new electronic patient record system (EHRS) called Epic. This will replace paper notes and integrate several of our existing systems into one single record.

Signature on X-Ray forms

11 March, 2019

UCLH would like to clarify the criteria for signatures on an imaging request form.

Advice and Guidance services

11 March, 2019

UCLH launch its first Advice and Guidance services via eReferrals in January 2018. These services give GPs the opportunity to ask our clinical teams for advice on managing patients within primary care.

Avoiding late diagnosis of ovarian cancer

11 March, 2019

UCLH Cancer Collaborative recently launched the first pilot project of an NHS ovarian cancer surveillance service for women who carry a faulty BRCA gene and have chosen not to have their ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

Self-funded intrauterine insemination service

11 March, 2019

The Reproductive Medicine Unit (RMU) at UCLH has launched a new self-funded service aimed at women hoping to conceive using intrauterine insemination treatment with their partner’s sperm or donated sperm.

How a pioneering software system is transforming brain surgery

11 March, 2019

A team of researchers, clinicians and engineers from UCLH, UCL, King's College London and the Epilepsy Society have developed a world-leading software system called EpiNav in a bid to make epilepsy surgery safer and easier.

Dupuytrens contracture trial

11 March, 2019

University College Hospital is taking part in a trial which is looking to assess whether a collagenase injection or surgery is a more effective way of treating Dupuytren’s contracture of the hand.

UCLH researchers to test new obesity treatment

17 December, 2018

The UCL/UCLH Centre for Obesity is set to begin a clinical trial of a new weight loss treatment.

Lung cancer screening project: SUMMIT study

17 December, 2018

UCLH and UCL have embarked upon the largest ever lung cancer screening project in the UK.

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