Recovery Package for cancer patients 

11/12/2017 00:00 

The Recovery Package is a series of interventions which will better support and improve the quality of life of people living with cancer and beyond.

There have been many improvements in cancer diagnosis and survival, in turn leading to many more people living longer after diagnosis.Unfortunately we also know that patients often report poor experience in terms of after care, e.g. in dealing with anxiety related to recurrence and side effects of treatment.

The Recovery Package is a series of key interventions, including a holistic needs assessment, treatment summaries, health and wellbeing events and cancer care reviews. Delivered in combination, these interventions can not only greatly improve patient experience of living with cancer, but also assist with delivering more effective follow up care.

A holistic needs assessment identifies the individual holistic needs of a patient and a subsequent tailored care plan will enable the clinical team to help address them and maximise wellbeing.

A treatment summary is a succinct document to be completed at the end of a patient’s treatment which summarises the cancer, treatment and plan for follow up. This is then shared with the GP and patient to enable better coordination of care and self-management.

Health and wellbeing events are educational days designed to enable self-management and promote all the support services available on a range of topics, such as getting back to work, exercise and managing fatigue.

Here at UCLH we are working hard to ensure all our patients have access to all these interventions. Treatment summaries are proving slightly harder to implement in practice as often relies on the establishment of nurse-led end of treatment clinics, but we are making good progress.

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Contact: Avril Vanderloo, Recovery Package programme manager,, 020 3447 2677.

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