Update to the GP Portal 

20/03/2015 00:00 
UCLH has launched an enhanced version of its GP Portal.

The GP portal is the secure, web-based platform where GPs can access information about patients they have referred to UCLH, such as test results and discharge letters.

The enhanced GP portal will offer much of the same functionality but will deliver a number of additional benefits:

  • New Design

The GP Portal has undergone cosmetic redesign to make usability and navigation much easier. The new front page dashboard provides quick links to information.

  • Change of Practice Details

The GP Portal now allows you to send change of practice details directly to a UCLH team that can implement the change.

  • Easier Administration

Users will now be able to request access directly from the site itself. Approval can be authorised by agreed personnel within your CCG thus reducing the time to receive username and passwords.

  • Additional User Roles

CCG administrators will be able to handle day-to-day queries such as locked accounts. This will improve response times to problems encountered.

You can find out more about the enhanced UCLH GP portal here.

You can request a user account through the UCLH website or the portal itself.

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