The patients 

The four patients treated in the programme were Debra Cox, Dennis Hadley, Pete Smith and Jeffery Sugarman.

Debra Cox's tumours were treated using microwave ablation. Dennis Hadley was given the drug Ibrutinib for his lymphoma, Pete Smith's prostate cancer was treated using high intensity focused ultrasound. Jeffery Sugarman had a template biopsy which showed he did not have prostate cancer.

Debra Cox - Patient

Debra was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma which spread to her lungs. The tumours were difficult to treat with chemotherapy or radiotherapy so she was offered a treatment called microwave ablation, a cutting edge procedure which can destroy tumours without the need for invasive surgery.

Dennis Hadley - Patient

Dennis has been living with lymphoma for eight years.  With all conventional treatments exhausted, Dennis and his wife are faced with a stark choice – either palliative “end-of-life” care, or an experimental drug, never before used in the UK, and being tested at UCLH.

Pete Smith - Patient

Pete Smith knows he has prostate cancer. His father died from prostate cancer, and he fears the same fate if he doesn't do something radical. The possible side effects of surgery are alarming – impotence, incontinence and worse.  His doctor offers him another option, the trial of a new experimental treatment that uses high intensity ultrasound or HIFU.

Jeffery Sugarman - Patient

Jeffery fears he has prostate cancer, there’s a family history of the disease.  Diagnosis of prostate cancer can be hit and miss, with a chance of false results from traditional biopsies. Jeffery decides to take part in a trial of a new diagnostic process called INDEX. So when he is given the all clear, he can be sure that it is the right diagnosis.