Children’s Hearing Aid Department (CHAD) 

Who do we see?

  • Children with a hearing loss who have been seen in the Paediatric Audiovestibular Medicine Clinic where hearing aid(s) have been recommended.
  • Existing hearing aid users who are transferred to the Nuffield Centre for ongoing audiological care.

What do we do?

This clinic is run by the Paediatric Audiology team and the Specialist Teachers of the Deaf:

  • Hearing aid selection, fitting and review
  • Ear mould fitting
  • Ear impressions
  • Hearing tests
  • Tympanometry
  • Real ear measurements
  • Real ear to coupler difference measurement and test box programming
  • Functional (aided) hearing tests
  • Speech words
  • Threshold seeking (500-4000 Hz)
  • Hearing aid repair
  • Child-centred hearing aid management counselling
  • Detailed reports

What happens next?

Children are seen for regular review.  The younger the child, the more often they will be seen.

Referrals accepted from

Via the Audiovestibular Medicine Clinic and ENT

Clinic frequency


This department has a dedicated email address for enquiries: