Dr Ann Bowden

Dr Ann BowdenTel: 020 3448 8873
Email: rlhimpatients@uclh.nhs.uk (not to be used for patient referrals)

Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine


Professional background

Following a long career as a GP, Dr Bowden has worked at the RLHIM since 1989, developing the Autogenic Training service and promoting its availability within the NHS.

As a homeopathic practitioner she is also a member of the team of women doctors who work together to promote women’s health and who are able to offer patients access to the various complementary therapies available at the hospital.

The particular interest and focus of her work is to enable patients to tap into their innate self-healing abilities. Autogenic Training (AT) is a mind/body meditative practice which induces mental, physical and emotional relaxation and rebalancing. It offers patients a simple drug-free process which is particularly effective for anxiety, sleeping problems and the stress of chronic symptoms and ill health.

Dr Bowden has published research on the applications of AT; she is a lecturer for the RLHH and the British Autogenic Training Society and was award a Fellowship of the Society in 2004 for her work in promoting AT in the NHS.