Dr C Bruce Martin

Dr C Bruce MartinTel: 020 3447 3343
Email: bruce.martin@uclh.nhs.uk

Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Professional background

Bruce Martin is a consultant in anaesthesia and critical care based at The Heart hospital, with an interest in paediatric anaesthesia at University College hospital, London.

Bruce graduated in medicine from The Royal Free Hospital Medical School, has worked abroad in rural South Africa, Australia and New Zealand before originally training in General Practice.

His anaesthetic training started at St Bartholomews hospital and was completed at The John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford via Stokemandeville and Harefield hospitals. He spent two years as a consultant(VI) in Cardiothoracic anesthesia and cardiothoracic ICU at the University of Michigan, USA before being appointed at UCLH in 2002.
He is lead paediatric anaesthetist for radiotherapy at UCH and along with colleagues Drs Sue Wright and Andy Smith, is one of the inventors and project directors for www.HeartWorks.me.uk an Internationally acclaimed trans oesophageal echocardiography simulator which has been funded by UCLH Trustees and sold Worldwide.

Research interests

  • Echocardiography
  • HeartWorks
  • Cardiac critical care


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