Dr Mary Falzon

Dr Mary FalzonTel: 020 7679 6025
Email: mfalzon@nhs.net

University College Hospital

Cellular Pathology – Cytopathology, Histopathology, Cellular pathology, Pathology

Professional background

I trained at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London and qualified in 1981. My pathology training started at The Middlesex Hospital, initially as an assistant Lecturer in pathology and then as Lecturer to the joint Middlesex and UCLH histopathology departments.

In 1990 I was appointed Consultant at Ealing Hospital in both Histopathology and Cytopathology. There I took the Lead for Cytopathology and Breast histopathology and established a very successful one stop breast clinic.

In 2000 I was appointed Consultant at UCLH, with responsibility in both Histopathology and Cytology. I was appointed the Clinical Head of service in 2004.

I became the Medical lead for London Quality Assurance Reference Centre in 2005 and scheme organiser for the gynaecological cytology EQA for London’s 23 laboratories. I chair various committees, meetings, and Quality Assurance visits to Trusts.

I became a member on the Local Negotiating Committee in 2006.

In 2007 I led the formation of the joint Royal Free and UCLH cervical cytology screening unit based at UCLH serving women in Camden and Islington.

In 2008 I led the successful joint venture with the independent sector for UCLH to provide laboratory and clinical leadership for histology and diagnostic cytology for Ealing hospital.

In 2009 I was appointed Divisional Clinical Director for Pathology.

Research interests

I am the Lead for breast and pulmonary pathology and sit on both tumour Boards for the North London Cancer Network. I am the HER2 Lead for the NLC network and responsible for the Her2 immunocytochemistry and FISH reporting service to many hospitals in the UK and abroad.

At UCLH we were one of the first centres to provide an intraoperative service for assessment of sentinel nodes using touch imprint cytology. The joint unit with Barts and The London will provide a first class breast service to our patients.

With the acquisition of the Heart Hospital by UCLH we have a large lung pathology practice dealing with both cancer and interstitial lung disease serving UCLH ad other hospitals.

My NHS duties include responsibility for various MDMs, supervising trainee pathologists and performing post-mortem examinations.

I have commitments to undergraduate teaching, mentor medical students and interview prospective medical students. I also lecture to postgraduates on sentinel lymph nodes and Her 2 testing.

I have had a long interest in EQA and I am one of the founding members of the North Thames Histopathogy EQA committee. I take part in the general histopathology and breast specialist and lung EQA scheme.



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GMC/GDC number: 2700728