Dr Navdeep Kumar

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Eastman Dental Hospital

Special care dentistry

Professional background

BDS, FDSRCS(Eng), PhD, Cert RDP, Cert Surg & Pros Implantology
Consultant in Special Care Dentistry

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Kumar has been committed to Special Care Dentistry (SCD) and has acquired an extensive range of clinical, teaching and research experience in the area to ensure the delivery of high-quality oral care for people with an impairment or disability.

She has considerable expertise in the clinical management of the medically compromised patient and the management of the oral complications of systemic diseases. Furthermore, she has an intergral role in training others with an interest in SCD, including those undertaking the Certificate, Diploma and Masters in SCD.

She is actively involved in the promotion of SCD and the development of national guidelines, including the Royal College of Surgeons Guideline relating to the Oral Management of Oncology Patients. Furthermore, she has co-authored a textbook on SCD ('Special Care in Dentistry'), which provides practical guidance on the safe dental management of patients with special needs.

This has culminated in her becoming an examiner for the ORE, MSc and DSCD (UCL and RCS), and to her role as the president of the British Society for Disability and Oral Health (BSDH) in 2009.

Research interests

  • Oral care of haematology patients
  • Comprehensive dental treatment under general anaesthesia in SCD
  • Advanced restorative care in SCD


Including articles, book, chapter, clinical guideline, and computer assisted learning package:


1. Chapter on Bleeding Disorders:
Porter SR, Singh N (maiden name).  Bleeding Disorders. In: Oral Health Care for Those with HIV Infection and Other Special Needs. Eds: Porter SR, Scully C. Science Reviews 1995 Pp93-109.

2. Contributed to chapter on Sikhism:
Scully C, Wilson N. Culturally Sensitive Oral Healthcare; Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd. Number of pages: 183, Illustrations: 90 Date of publishing: 2006; ISBN: 1850971188
3. Co-author:
Special Care in Dentistry, Scully, Diz Dios and Kumar (December 2006, ISBN: 0443071519, 512 pages, 52 illustrations, publisher: Elsevier)

Computer Assisted Learning Package

4. Porter S, Kumar N, Davies R, Scully C. Special Needs Dentistry - computer assisted learning CDROM. Department of Health. 2000

Clinical Guideline

5. Co-author of the following national guideline, produced in collaboration with the RCS (Eng):
‘Clinical Guidelines for the Oral Management of Oncology Patients requiring Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy or Bone Marrow Transplantation.’

6. Co-author of the following professional consensus statement:
' The Provision of Oral Health Care under General Anaesthesia in Special Care Dentistry A Professional Consensus Statement'

7. Guidelines for the Clinical Management of Thalassaemia 2013 Edition. Dental Chapter
 This is the first time dental information has been included. It comprehensive guidance for clinicians and staff with regards to the impact of Thalassaemia to the oral cavity. In October 2013 I was invited to lecture at the International Conference in Abu Dabhi where the complete Guidelines were be launched.  

Articles include:

8. Scully C. and Kumar N. Dentistry for those requiring special care. Primary Dental Care 2003; 10: 17-22.

9. Proctor R, Kumar N. Porter S Cerebrospinal fluid shunts and dentistry –a short review of the literature. J Disabil Oral Health 2004; 5: 27-30.

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14. Special Care Hot Topics Series for Dental Update – 10 articles (2010)

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17. Kumar N, Brooke A, Burke M et al. The Oral Management of Oncology Patients requiring radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and / or bone marrow transplantation. Faculty Dental Journal. 2013; 4: 200 – 203.


GMC/GDC number: 67528