Dr Pascal Meier

Dr Pascal MeierTel: 020 3456 6029
Email: pascal.meier@uclh.nhs.uk

Cardiology outpatients

Professional background

Pascal Meier is a consultant cardiologist at the Heart Hospital and UCLH, He is leading the Yale - UCL Device Development Programme (http://yale-ucl.org/index.aspx). He trained at the University Hospital Bern, Switzerland, and has completed an MD at the University of Bern.  He completed his clinical and research training at the University of Michigan Medical Center in the United States. He is experienced in all aspects of adult cardiology and has a main focus on percutaneous coronary interventions (including rotational atherectomy, intravascular physiological measurements (FFR) and intravascular imaging).

Research interests

His research interests include the evaluation of new technologies in interventional Cardiology.

Further research interests are sudden cardiac death and the coronary collateral circulation (growth of new vessels in the heart).

He is an associate editor of the Cardiology journal "heart". He is a member of the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society BCIS.


For a complete and updated list, please see: http://www.drpascalmeier.com

Selected publications:

Pascal Meier, Harry Hemingway, Alexandra J Lansky, Guido Knapp, Bertram Pitt, Christian Seiler. The Impact of the Coronary Collateral Circulation on Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. Eur Heart J (in press) [IF 10.1]

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