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Eastman Dental Hospital

Oral medicine

Professional background

Tim Hodgson is consultant in Oral Medicine and Clinical Lead of the units of Oral Medicine, Special Care Dentistry and Facial Pain, at the Eastman Dental Hospital UCLH Foundation NHS Trust.    He gained BDS from Guy’s Dental School in 1989.  He returned to the United Medical and Dental schools in 1990 to study Medicine.  It was during this period that he commenced research on the oral manifestations of HIV infection in Africa.     He obtained MRCP(UK) in 1998.  FDS RCS(Eng) was completed in the same year.  He was appointed specialist registrar in Oral Medicine at the Eastman in 1999 and has subsequently spent further periods in Malawi.    He has published over 50 articles in peer reviewed journals.    He was awarded an honorary FGDP(UK) in March 2008 in recognition of developing Structured Clinical Reasoning for the new MJDF.  He is medical emergencies lead for the ORE for the GDC. He presently is treasurer of the European Association for  Oral Medicine and sits on the international steering committees of the World Workshop on the Oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS and the 5th World Workshop for Oral Medicine 2010.

Research interests

  • Oral manifestations of systemic disease 
  • Hyposalivation 
  • Mucosal disease 
  • Potentially malignat oral disease


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GMC/GDC number: 65009 

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