Mr Dan Wood

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University College Hospital

Children and young people's services, Children and young people's urology, Adolescent Reconstruction

Professional background

Qualified - St Bartholomew's Hospital 1994. Fellowship Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS) 1998. PhD - The characterisation of human detrusor smooth muscle cell cultures - University College London - 2003. FRCS (Urol) 2006.   
I am a consultant urological surgeon with a broad training in urological reconstruction and a special interest in adolescent urology. The majority of my work involves reconstruction of the urinary tract in relation to congenital anomalies or previous surgery. As a unit we have strong links with Great Ormond Street Hospital and I spend one session per week  and run a transition clinic within their unit.

Research interests

  • Adolescent and Reconstructive Urology


Book Chapters:   
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WOOD DN, FRY CH. The physiological properties of the lower urinary tract. Scientific Basis of Urology (In Press)   
Original publications:
Reconstructive Urology 
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Research, Audit and Training.   
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GMC/GDC number: 4098328