Mr Giulio Garaffa

Tel: 0203 447 9190


Professional background

Mr Giulio Garaffa has been trained in Italy and the UK before being appointed as a Consultant Uro-Andrological Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Urology at the Institute of Urology, University College London Hospitals.

His main areas of expertise are erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, complex penile reconstruction, microsurgery and infertility. He has been awarded an MD on vascular and nervous microsurgery and more recently a PhD on the genetic basis of male factor infertility.

Very active in the field of clinical research, Mr Garaffa has published more than 100 articles and book chapters in international journals and is regularly invited worldwide to give lectures and to perform live surgery.

A fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine, Mr Garaffa is also part of the educational committee of the European Society of Sexual Medicine, which strives to provide excellent standards of training in the field of Andrology and Sexual Medicine to Urologists.

He is a dedicated and well-recognized trainer in Andrology and Reconstruction and he often runs international training courses for Surgeons.

Research interests

Andrology and reconstruction of the lower male genital tract


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GMC/GDC number: 6109979