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Thoracic surgery

Professional background

Robert George qualified in Medicine from Southampton University in 2000. He completed his basic cardiothoracic training at St Thomas's and Royal Brompton Hospitals. In 2005, he was sponsored by the Magdi Yacoub Institute and the Harefield Heart Science Centre to complete his PhD at Imperial College. During his career he has developed an interest in healthcare management and in 2009 he has completed an MBA in Life Sciences and Healthcare Management.

Robert then undertook his higher surgical training in Thoracic Surgery rotating between Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Teaching NHS Trust Hospital and Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Foundation Trust. In October 2016 he joined the thoracic surgery team at Westmoreland Hospital and he has special interest in minimal invasive thoracic surgery, rib fixation, and endobronchial management of airway diseases.

Research interests

Medical Devices
Enhanced Recovery


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