Prof Joanna Zakrzewska

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Eastman Dental Hospital

Facial pain

Professional background

Facial Pain lead consultant at EDH since April 2007, Hon. Professor at UCL.
After obtaining dental ( King's College London) and medical (University of Cambridge ) degrees and specialist training in oral medicine Joanna gained an MD in trigeminal neuralgia and a personal chair in facial pain. She held an academic post at the dental school at Queen Mary, London for 10 years before moving to her present post. 

Joanna was the first non-anaesthetist to become a member of the Faculty of Pain Medicine. She has written four books and contributed chapter to 15 books, and written over 100 peer-reviewed papers, as well as lecturing nationally and internationally. 

Research interests

  • Facial pain especially trigeminal neuralgia, evidence based medicine, patient centred care - Trustee of a patient support group.
    Clinical trials
    Contribute to clinical guidelines on trigeminal neuralgia
    Artist in residence program to look at the visual language of pain


Book :
Orofacial Pain Editor Zakrzewska J M  Oxford University Press 2009 ISBN 978-0-19-923669-5

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GMC/GDC number: 2525044