Prof Peter Wilson

Dr Peter WilsonTel: 020 3447 9912
Fax: 020 3447 9211

University College Hospital

Pathology, Clinical microbiology, Microbiology

Professional background

I trained at Cambridge and UCLH and I have been consultant microbiologist at UCLH since 1990. I have particular responsibility for antibiotic advice and infection control in critical care. I also help with infection control advice for Camden and Islington. I set up wound surveillance in the Trust which provides surgeons with detailed information on wound infections.  I am chairman of the Specialty Training Committee for microbiology for London and I am part of the process for establishing Infection training for junior doctors.

Research interests

I have a research interest in the treatment and prevention of transmission of hospital-acquired infection. I have run trials on the antibiotics teicoplanin and linezolid as well as on innovations in the control of infection.  I helped design an infection resistant computer keyboard now used at UCLH.


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GMC/GDC number: 2711829