Heart Hospital doctors revolutionise cardiac training 

Doctors Bruce Martin, Andrew Smith and Sue Wright spent four years working on the HeartWorks project.

Heart Hospital doctors with the 3D heart training model

They enlisted the help of an impressive range of medical experts to make every aspect of the model as accurate as possible.

Working with Glassworks Ltd, a computer graphics company which is more at home creating special effects for the film industry, the trio created a model of a beating human heart which can be freely rotated and sliced on screen, so that any aspect of any structure within the heart can be seen from any angle.

Andrew said: “We were looking for an aid to our teaching so we could help people to understand the relationship between the 3D structure of the heart and the 2D images we would get on the screen. We really couldn’t find anything sufficiently accurate so we thought we would create our own accurate, beating, 3D model of the heart.”

The two year search for funding for the project was solved by UCLH Charity which has recently set up a company, Inventive Medical Ltd, to manage all of the business aspects of marketing and selling the model and simulator.

The HeartWorks project can be seen at www.heartworks.me.uk