The consultants 

The four medics featured in the programme were Hash Ahmed, Louise Dickinson, Rowland Illing and Rakesh Popat.

Hash Ahmed and Louise Dickinson worked together on the prostate cancer trials, with Hash diagnosing patient Jeffery Sugarman and Louise treating patient Peter Smith.

Rowland Illing leads our interventional oncology service and treated patient Debra Cox using ablation.

Rakesh Popat is the principal investigator on the Ibrutinib trial and is testing the drug's efficacy. He treated patient Dennis Hadley.

Louise Dickinson - Specialist Registrar

Clinical Research Fellow - UCLH

Specialist Registrar in Radiology - North West London NHS Trust


Louise coordinated a large, multi-centre study of focal HIFU treatment for localised prostate cancer, called 'INDEX'. This trial followed on from earlier short-term studies at UCLH demonstrating that focal treatment, with targeting to the cancer lesion rather than the whole prostate, has a lower side-effect risk than conventional whole-gland treatments, without appearing to compromise cancer control.


Her other area of interest is on the use of imaging, in particular MRI, to better detect and locate cancer lesions in the prostate. As well as permitting better diagnosis of men with prostate cancer, this information can be used to plan and follow-up focal treatments. This has been an area of research that she has explored as part of her PhD thesis.

Rowland Illing - Consultant

Consultant Interventional Radiologist and Director of the Interventional Oncology Service - UCLH
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer - UCL
A trained surgeon, Rowland undertook a higher research degree at Oxford University into image-guided cancer therapy, using high-intensity focused ultrasound to destroy liver and kidney tumours. After a further year of research into image-guided prostate therapy he went on to formally train in imaging, becoming a fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists in 2009. His passion for image-guided therapy for cancer led him to develop the Interventional Oncology Service at University College Hospital, where he treats a variety of solid tumour deposits using microwave, radiofrequency, laser and cryoablation. The Interventional Oncology Service provides patients access to cutting edge treatment for cancer and the symptoms of cancer, including targeted pain relief.

Rakesh Popat - Consultant

Consultant Haematologist - UCLH

Clinical Senior Lecturer - UCL


Rakesh Popat’s doctoral thesis focused on designing scientifically-based treatment combinations for multiple myeloma. He leads the early phase clinical trial programme for haematological malignancies.

Hashim Uddin Ahmed - Consultant

Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon - UCLH
MRC Clinician Scientist and Senior Lecturer in Surgery and Interventional Science - UCL


Hash Ahmed is an internationally renowned expert in prostate cancer diagnosis, imaging and biopsy as well as minimally invasive therapies for prostate cancer such as HIFU and cryotherapy – either whole-gland or focal therapy for primary prostate cancer or radiorecurrent disease. He has performed hundreds of transperineal targeted and mapping biopsies and hundreds of HIFU procedures. He has taught dozens of surgeons in these techniques in the UK and around the world.