COVID-19 information for visitors

At the present time, the radiotherapy service will no longer allow visitors to accompany patients into the department. This is due to the number of patients within the Radiotherapy Service who have lowered immune systems (immunocompromised) as well as to minimise visitors to the hospital. Where additional visitors are essential (patients who require escorts or carers) then we kindly ask that this is limited to one per patient.

If you develop symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) during your course of radiotherapy please contact the Radiotherapy Reception as soon as possible on 020 3447 3700, prior to attending the department. Our reception team will ask a few short questions and a member of our clinical teams will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Our radiotherapy department currently has around 2000 patients using the service each year from across the UK. We provide treatment for common cancers as well as delivering more specialist treatment.

We are really proud to be expanding our service in 2020 to include proton beam therapy. This new centre will be part of the national NHS service, delivering proton beam therapy alongside The Christie in Manchester

Our radiotherapy department is in the basement of University College Hospital and our proton beam therapy centre will be just across the road, in our new cancer and surgery building.

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of the following:

  • clinical oncologists
  • therapeutic radiographers
  • physicists
  • engineers
  • nurse
  • play specialists
  • mould room technician
  • Macmillan support workers.

Together we provide patient-centred, highly specialised and evidence-based treatment and care using the latest equipment and radiotherapy techniques. Our strong team are constantly working to develop and advance our ISO accredited service.

We are also committed to learning and have strong academic links with the UCL Cancer Institute, the UCL Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Faculty.

If you would like to learn more about radiotherapy, there are lots of leaflets in our patient information library.

Please contact us if you require further information

  • About our services

    We are proud to be:

    • one of Europe’s largest sarcoma services
    • the third largest centre in the UK for head and neck cancer
    • one of two designated specialist MDTs for the London Cancer Integrated Cancer System for gynaecological cancers
    • the largest paediatric and young adult centre for radiotherapy in the world, with a close partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital
    • the largest adult and teenage neuro oncology service, including providing services for the south of England for stereotactic radiosurgery
    • one of 17 centres across the country participating in the assessment of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) for a broader range of cancer indications via the NHS England Commissioning through Evaluation initiative
    • a national referral centre for targeted molecular radiotherapy taking referrals from across the UK for paediatrics, teenage and young adults and adults. This service is delivered in conjunction with the Institute of Nuclear Medicine
    • delivering total body irradiation for haematological conditions
    • from 2020, one of only two NHS high energy proton beam therapy centres.
  • Patient aftercare

    Patients are able to contact the department by telephone or email after their treatment finishes. All patients are seen in a clinic either at UCLH or their referring local hospital, by the clinical oncology consultant and their team.

  • Patient support services

    We have a comprehensive team who support the patients, families and carers through their radiotherapy pathway. These include:

    • Macmillan Information and Support Radiographer
    • a team of specialist radiographers and nurses
    • Macmillan support workers
    • Play specialists

     We also have close links with the University College Hospital Macmillan Support and Information Service.

  • Our equipment

    Our department has state of the art radiotherapy equipment comprising of:

    • four Varian TrueBeam systems with advanced imaging packages and respiratory and organ motion management systems
    • 6 Degrees of Freedom couches
    • a comprehensive brachytherapy suite
    • a Gulmay skin unit
    • a pre-treatment suite with a mould room and CT scanner

    The PBT department will be equipped with:

    • four Varian Probeam proton therapy systems with advanced imaging packages
    • 6 Degrees of Freedom couches
    • a pre-treatment suite with a CT scanner and a MRI scanner

    The service also has access to MRI and PET-CT to facilitate image fusion in order to accurately define the treatment target volume and critical organs ensuring high levels of precision.

Dr Yen-Ching Chang Long-term-follow-up (LTFU): Late effects of Cancer, Radiotherapy
Dr Mark Gaze Radiotherapy
Dr Mary McCormack Gynaecological oncology, Radiotherapy
Prof Heather Payne Radiotherapy, Urological Cancers, Prostate Cancer
Dr Naomi Fersht Radiotherapy, Brain Tumour Service (Neuro-Oncology), Neurology and neurosurgery, Stereotactic radiosurgery services
Dr Gemma Eminowicz Gynaecological oncology, Radiotherapy
Prof Jeffrey Tobias Radiotherapy
Dr James Wilson Lung cancer, Radiotherapy
Professor Ricky Sharma Hepato Pancreato Bilary Cancers HPB, Radiotherapy, Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Service

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Telephone: 020 3447 3700 / 020 3447 3701
Fax: 020 3447 9085

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