Queen Square Dizzy Course: "Dizziness: A Multidisciplinary Approach" 

Event: Queen Square Dizzy Course: "Dizziness: A Multidisciplinary Approach"
Venue: 33 Queen Square
Dates: 6th – 9th June 2017

Course organisers: Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou, Dr Charlotte Agrup, Dr raj Nandi, Dr Nehzat Koohi

A four-day instructional course aimed for physicians, surgeons, scientists, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals who evaluate, diagnose and manage patients with dizziness and/or imbalance. The course is run by an international, multidisciplinary faculty, which includes both highly experienced clinicians and researchers.

The course will include lectures on:

  • Vestibular science basics in a clinical context
  • Common Vestibular Disorders: evidence based practice and research update
  • Noteworthy vestibular disorders
  • Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation
  • Vestibular Research Update

This course will include practical workshops as follows:

  • Open House - Opportunity to experience and administer diagnostic assessments, positional assessments and maneuvers that interest you
  • Sponsor Exhibitions - Opportunity to trial latest equipment
  • Case studies - Listen to interesting case studies and pick-up invaluable clinical advice

Faculty speakers include:

  • Dr Charlotte Agrup
  • Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou
  • Dr Ros Davies
  • Dr Diego Kaski
  • Prof Linda Luxon
  • Dr Louisa Murdin
  • Dr Raj Nandi
  • Dr Waheeda Pagarkar
  • Prof Shakeel Saeed
  • Dr David Scott

Guest Speakers include:

  • Prof Michael Halmagyi - Australia
  • Dr Joanna Lawson – UK
  • Prof Måns Magnusson – Sweden
  • Dr Marousa Pavlou – UK
  • Dr Barry Seemungal - UK
  • Prof Jeffery Staab - USA
  • Prof Floris Wuyts - Belgium
  • Prof Sue Whitney - USA
  • And many more...

For any enquires or further information, please contact the course organisers:

Dr. Nehzat Koohi (on behalf of the Dizzy course Team)

Advanced Audiological Scientist, UCLH

Adult Diagnostic Audiology, Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, 330 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8DA
Email: thedizzinesscourse@uclh.nhs.uk
Website: https://queensquaredizzycourse.com/

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