Emergency Department major improvement work 

What are we doing?  

We are investing £21.7 million to redevelop, expand and improve our Emergency Department at University College Hospital. This work will complete in 2017/18, adding to the work that began in 2012 when the new Urgent Treatment Centre was opened.

The changes involve extending the emergency department to connect to the Elizabeth Garret Anderson Wing. It also involves changing access to Beaumont Place, which is now completed. We will provide further updates as the work progresses.

When the work is complete there will be:

  • one interconnected emergency department with an extra space.
  • from 2018, there will be a new pedestrian entrance on Gower Street with a new waiting room and four assessment rooms.
  • a new imaging/ diagnostic suite with two x-ray rooms and a CT scanner.
  • a bigger urgent treatment centre with 12 bays and three treatment rooms.
  • a new entrance for ambulances.
  • an improved children’s emergency department.

Beaumont Place

What is happening now?

In November 2016 building work to convert the old ambulance yard into a new space for the emergency department begins.

Starting in January 2017, the emergency day unit and the ambulatory day unit will be reconfigured to improve patient flow and experience.

What does the construction project mean for my care?
There should be no impact on your care during the building project. The main entrance to the emergency department, on Euston Road, stays the same until early 2018.

People moving from the emergency department (in University College Hospital) to the urgent treatment centre (in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing) will need to follow the new route between the two buildings. 

Minimising the impact

UCLH is committed to ensuring that disruption for patients, staff, local residents and suppliers is minimised wherever possible.

Our contractors will undertake the work in phases, ensuring that Beaumont Place remains open at all times.

Our priorities are to ensure:

  • Safety for visitors at all times
  • Maintenance of traffic flows
  • Signage and clear routes for vehicles.  

It may be worth considering alternatives to the Emergency Department such as, for non-emergency problems (such as coughs, sore throat, flu-like symptoms and urinary tract infections):

 Contact details

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about these developments, please contact our PALS team on 020 3447 3042 or by email PALS@uclh.nhs.uk.  

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