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Our Education Department, the largest of its kind in the country, offers full and part-time courses in integrated complementary medicine for registered health professionals. 

In line with our commitment to evidence and excellence in complementary medicine, our academic programme includes the UK’s only course in integrated medicine for GPs: Integrating Complementary Medicine in Daily Practice. 

Brand new course for 2018 – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia - 10-11 May 2018

The Insomnia Clinic at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine/University College London Hospitals is pleased to offer a two day training course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia. In this course, candidates will learn how to deliver the most effective, evidence based treatments for insomnia. The course will cover:

  • Psychoeducation for insomnia
  • Behavioural interventions for insomnia
  • Cognitive interventions for insomnia
  • How to adapt the therapy for patients with comorbid medical and psychiatric conditions.
  • How to deliver therapy to patients on sleeping medication.
  • How to adapt the therapy for special social circumstances.
  • How to manage difficult patient interactions and patient resistance.
  • How to structure and organise a course of therapy.
  • Practical considerations – equipment, resources, monitoring outcomes and what to do when patients do not respond to therapy.

The course will be delivered by clinicians who collectively have many thousands of hours experience in delivering the therapy. Our goal is to not only teach candidates how to perform the therapy but also give them the confidence and practical tools to start running CBT for insomnia sessions independently.

For an application form please contact the Academic Unit.

Courses in Medical Homeopathy

Introductory courses
This is a multi-disciplinary course of six days teaching (three blocks of two days spread over a period of three months). It provides an understanding of homeopathic principles and teaches the use of simple acute remedies in daily practice. The course leads to a basic qualification from the Faculty of Homeopathy. The dates for the next intake will be announced shortly. 

Advanced training
More advanced training is available for doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, osteopaths and physiotherapists.

Fast Track course in Medical Homeopathy
The Fast Track course is for qualified medical doctors only, and comprises a three month correspondence course followed by a three month full-time clinical attachment at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. The course runs once a year, with the clinical component between September and November. The course is suitable for those who wish to study for the LFHom and MFHom examinations, and also for doctors who simply want to learn more about Homeopathy. For more information please contact the Academic Unit. The next intake will be announced shortly.

Homeopathy teaching clinics
Teaching clinics are held every Monday morning at the Royal London Hospital For Integrated Medicine. These are suitable for doctors who wish to develop their clinical experience whilst they are studying Homeopathy.

Integrating Complementary Medicine in Everyday Practice

Integrating Complementary Medicine in Everyday Practice is an exciting and innovative course, which will teach you basic practical skills in 6 therapies – Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Manual Medicine and Autogenics - as well as introducing discussions around Integrated Medicine, holism and ways of maintaining your own health and well-being. The next intake is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Elective and Special Study module students
Medical students are welcome to attend the hospital for SSM placements or individual visits.

Open days for healthcare professionals
The Education Department runs 'Introductory Days' twice yearly for statutory registered healthcare professionals, giving an opportunity to sample the teaching, tour the hospital and meet the teachers, hospital staff and current students. On the Open Day you will have a brief introduction to the ideas of Complementary Medicine. The programme runs from 2pm to 4pm. Attendance is free and by reservation in advance. The next introductory day will be announced shortly.

Taster Days

We also run taster days throughout the year. Please contact the Academic Unit for further details.

For Further information please contact

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Telephone: 020 3448 2311 

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