The Department is responsible for the provision of anaesthetic services to four operating theatres plus the newly commissioned interventional MRI operating suite. In addition, the department also provides anaesthetic support for the Neuroradiology Department. The total caseload for 2009 is likely to exceed 3,200 cases.

Consultant anaesthetists are responsible for both the Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Units as well as having a major input into the Pain Management Unit. The department also leads the Acute Pain Service, an important facet of anaesthetic practice. Recently the role of the department has expanded to include the setting up of an outreach team to allow continuing care when patients are discharged from the Intensive Care Units to the general wards. Similarly, the tracheostomy team, which includes physiotherapists, anaesthetists and speech and language therapists has revolutionised the care of patients with airway problems.

Education is a fundamental role of the department. In addition to providing core training in all aspects of neuroanaesthetic and neurocritical care practice for anaesthetists, additional training for those who wish to pursue a career in neuroanaesthesia is ensured by the provision of Clinical Fellow posts (which are both popular and keenly contested).

Dr Ian Appleby Neuroanaesthesia
Dr Katharine Hunt Neuroanaesthesia
Mr Jeremy Radcliffe Neuroanaesthesia, Neurocritical care
Dr Gordon Bird Neuroanaesthesia
Dr Javid Khan Neuroanaesthesia
Dr Sally Wilson Neuroanaesthesia, Neurocritical care
Dr Ugan Reddy Neuroanaesthesia
Dr Valpuri Luoma Neuroanaesthesia
Dr Yogen Amin Neuroanaesthesia

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