Metabolic Disease (Adult Inherited) 

The Charles Dent Metabolic Unit is one of the largest and longest established services in the world for the treatment of adolescents and adults with inherited metabolic diseases. We are one of the designated national lysosomal storage disease centres. The Unit provides specialist medical, dietetic, psychological and nursing advice and has a purpose-built metabolic diet kitchen to support treatment and education of patients. We also have an infusion unit which provides the facilities needed for patients on enzyme replacement and other therapies.
Conditions treated

We care for adult patients with inborn errors of metabolism. For many conditions, disease modifying treatments are available but all patients are offered regular review and symptomatic treatment.

Patient support services

Patient support is provided by two clinical nurse specialists,  a clinical psychologist, three metabolic dietitians and a dietetic assistant. Which team members are involved with each patient depends on diagnosis, type of treatment and patient need.

Patient aftercare

Our patients have genetic conditions and therefore require lifetime follow-up.

Dr Robin Lachmann Metabolic Disease (Adult Inherited)
Dr Elaine Murphy Metabolic Disease (Adult Inherited)

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Metabolic Disease (Adult Inherited)
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