MS community videos 

Three of our specialists recently got together with members of Shift.MS, the social network for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), to discuss the latest research developments taking place at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Robby Khullar with Dr Raju Kapoor - part 1

In this video Shift.MS member Robby Khullar grills consultant neurologist Dr Raju Kappor about what research he is currently working on, how long it may take to find a cure for MS and what the biggest barriers to research are.

Robby Khullar with Dr Raju Kapoor - part 2

In the second part of Robby’s interview with Dr Raju Kappor he asks about current research trends and whether the need for pharmaceutical companies to make a profit ever gets in the way of finding a cure for MS.

Kelly Donnelly with Prof. Olga Ciccarelli - part 1

In this video Shift.MS member Kelly Donnelly speaks to consultant neurologist Prof Olga Ciccarelli about why she chose to specialise in MS, how much research progress has been made during the last decade, and why discovering the causes of MS is key to finding a cure.

Kelly Donnelly with Prof. Olga Ciccarelli - part 2

Kelly concludes her interview with Prof Olga Ciccarelli by asking about the different stages of treatment research and how the relationship between researchers and pharmaceutical companies works.

Chris D'Souza with Prof. Alan Thompson

In this video Shift.MS member Chris D'Souza talks to consultant neurologist Prof. Alan Thompson about his research into primary-progressive MS and spinal cord damage, how he would like to do more work into the mechanisms of MS's progressions, and the link between vitamin D deficiency and MS.