Neurogenetics Laboratory 

The Neurogenetics Unit is situated within the Department of Molecular Neuroscience at the Institute of Neurology. Included in the unit is the Neurogenetics Laboratory of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery/University College London Hospital. The Neurogenetics Laboratory is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No.8040 the scope of our current accreditation is specified on the UKAS website. Users are advised to check this record independently for assurance of the accreditation status of tests requested as some may be newly developed and as yet not accredited. The Neurogenetics Laboratory provides a regional, national and international diagnostic service for inherited neurological disorders.

Our user manual provides contact details for the laboratory, sample requirement specifications, a list of the full current test repertoire, methodology, reporting times and costs.

Our user manual also contains information for users written in collaboration with consultants from NHNN on genetic tests in Parkinsons disease and parkinsonism, Inherited ataxias, Huntingtons disease and choreiform disorders, Dystonias, neuropathies, muscle and ion channel diseases, episodic neurological disorders, dementia and hereditary spastic paraplegia.


Effective Friday 27th March 2020

Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, NHS England have issued instructions to all genetic laboratories that they should immediately minimise their testing activity to focus on ‘Priority Tests’ and to utilise all remaining resources to support the significant increase required for COVID-19 testing.

Please restrict your test referrals to priority tests only.  

For Neurogenetic testing this is restricted to :

  • Prenatal diagnosis (for couples with a known mutation/s in a single gene).
  • High risk families needing urgent carrier screening related to pregnancy 

Please refrain from sending referrals for tests that are not indicated above. Any samples that have already been posted and that are received prior to noon on Tuesday the 31st of March 2020 will be extracted and stored. Samples received after this date will be stored.

Research samples for extraction / processing will NOT be accepted.

Neurogenetics Laboratory move to GOSH

The current situation has resulted in a delay of the Neurogenetics Laboratory move to GOSH. If it is necessary to send a sample from outside of the NHNN/UCLH, please send these to the GOSH laboratory as per our previous communication. Samples taken at the NHNN/UCLH will continue to be routed to the Neurogenetics Laboratory, we are coordinating with GOSH on sample management from there.

Important notice to service users, August 2019:

NGS Panels Prices: Please note that the prices of our nuclear gene NGS panels are increasing from 1st Aug 2019 (for the first time since 2014). Here are the new prices.

Important notice to service users, September 2018:

Due to staff shortages and higher than expected demand, there are backlogs and reporting delays for some tests in the Neurogenetics Laboratory.

The next generation sequencing panel tests for CMT1, CMT2, dHMN, HSN, muscle ion channelopathies and Parkinson's disease panels currently have turnaround times of 6-9 months. The whole mitochondrial genome sequencing service also currently has a 6-9 month turnaround time. Referrals marked as clinically urgent are prioritised.

We are working to address these issues as soon as possible.

Please contact the laboratory if you require any further information.

Service performance

The Neurogenetics laboratory provides a local; national and international genetic diagnostic service for inherited neurological disease. Blood and tissue samples are referred to the laboratory on a daily basis. The laboratory now hosts a DNA bank that holds over 100,000 samples, receives over 4000 samples and carries out over 6000 DNA extractions on an annual basis. 

Neurogenetics Laboratory

Prof Sarah Tabrizi Neurogenetics Laboratory
Prof Nicholas Wood Neurogenetics Laboratory, Neurogenetics
Prof Paola Giunti Neurogenetics Laboratory, Neurogenetics
Prof Michael Hanna Neuromuscular disease, Neurogenetics Laboratory, Neurology and neurosurgery

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Please note that the contact details given above should not be used for patient enquires. Patients requiring further information regarding the progress of their genetic test or referral should contact their GP or referring clinician.

GP Enquires
Please contact the referring clinician.

Patient Enquires
The laboratory does not provide results direct to patients or GP’s.  For further information please contact your referring clinician.

For urgent clinical advice contact the on-call neurology or neurosurgery SpR. Telephone: 020 3456 7890

Service manager - Henry Houlden

 User manual