How to refer a sample - Neurogenetics Laboratory  

Referral contact address:

Neurogenetics Laboratory
Institute of Neurology
Room 630
Queen Square
London WC1N 3BG

Telephone: 020 3448 4250
Fax: 020 7419 0948

Tertiary referrals

  • General Samples:
    National and international samples are welcome at the request of a specialist clinician.
  • Private Samples:
    Samples are accepted for private patients. If samples are taken on behalf of a private clinic, the name and address of the private clinic/specialist consultant should be provided for reporting purposes, when forwarding to the laboratory.

Referral forms

Sample Requirements

Sample instructions

Samples from wards and clinics at the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) should be accompanied with a DNA Analysis Request form (available above). Blood and DNA samples from outside hospitals can be sent by first class mail.

Clinical Molecular Genetics Society (CMGS) guidelines recommend at least 2 pieces of identifying information on every sample tube.

  • Patient's full name (surname/family name and given/individual name)
  • Date of birth and/or unique hospital/NHS number

Other information provided with referrals should include a pedigree, where appropriate, with the full names of known individuals and correct family identifiers

Sample type

  • DNA: 1-3 micrograms of DNA.  Please can method of extraction be included on form.
  • Blood: 10-12mls (minimum volume 2 mls), in PLASTIC EDTA tubes.
  • Prenatal: By prior arrangement ONLY.
  • Urine: Sample to be taken first thing in the morning
  • Tissue samples e.g.muscle: Should be sent frozen, on dry ice, by courier. Please advise the laboratory of the arrival of these samples in advance.

For any other sample types, please telephone for advice.

Note: Unlabelled, mislabelled and samples in glass bottles will not be accepted

Samples coming from outside UCLH must be packed in accordance with un packing requirement PI 650 and clearly labelled 'diagnostic speciment UN3373'

Samples which do not conform to these criteria may be discarded.

Consent for testing and storage of DNA

For samples originating within the NHNN, clear indication of consultant approval and patient consent, for diagnostic testing and/or research purposes must be completed on the request form. Samples referred from other laboratories must be sent with written consent or a clear indication that consent has been obtained. Samples received into the laboratory without this information will be stored without analysis until consent is obtained. Samples for Predictive Testing are only accepted from recognised genetic service providers

Consent for DNA testing must be obtained from the patient by the referring clinician prior to referral of the sample. This is not the responsibility of the laboratory staff.