The Division of Neuropathology at Queen Square is one of the leading academic and diagnostic neuropathology departments in the UK. The Department provides service for the NHNN, UCLH, and receives a substantial number of national referrals. 

The Division contributes to five weekly MDT meetings (multidisciplinary team meetings) and carries out regular audits and a weekly case review forum. The Division has CPA accreditation, and is approved for training purposes by both the Royal College of Pathologists and the Health Professions Council.

The Division now also provides one of the largest paediatric neuromuscular pathology services in the UK, including a large referral service through the National commissioning Group (NCG). The five new staff are located in the Division of Neuropathology and jointly work in the Institute of Child Health/Great Ormond Street Hospitals.

The division provides:

  • a speedy, high-quality diagnostic service to the NHNN. Samples are delivered, by porter or pneumatic tube, directly from theatres or the wards and the results are transmitted directly to the electronic patient record.
  • high-profile research.
  • a modern teaching programme for medical students and postgraduates.
  • a full mortuary and post-mortem service
  • expertise in neuro-oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, prion diseases, peripheral nerve and adult and paediatric muscle.
  • molecular brain tumour diagnostics: MGMT PCR (prognostic test for chemosensitivity) on all high-grade glioma operated at NHNN (ca 130p.a.), making us the first and only UK Hospital offering this service to all patients. Other tests available are are 1p19q LOH, EGFR amplification, EGFRvIII mutation analysis, and IDH-1/2 sequencing.

We also offer a referral service to all UK hospitals.

Prof Sebastian Brandner Brain Tumour Service (Neuro-Oncology), Neuropathology, Cellular Pathology - Neuropathology, Pathology
Prof Janice Holton Neuropathology, Cellular Pathology - Neuropathology, Pathology
Prof Maria Thom Brain Tumour Service (Neuro-Oncology), Neuropathology, Cellular Pathology - Neuropathology, Pathology
Dr Rahul Phadke Neuropathology, Cellular Pathology - Neuropathology
Prof Tamas Revesz Neuropathology, Pathology

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National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
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Service manager - Professor Sebastian Brandner