How to refer - Pain Management Centre at NHNN 

How to refer - Pain Management Centre at NHNN 

The Pain Management Centre (PMC) provides care for patients in the local London area and is an NHS England Specialised Pain Management Centre. In line with British Pain Society guidance, patients who do not live locally should see their local pain service before being referred to us. This is to enable partnership working close to the patient’s home. Referrals are likely to be rejected if local services have not been accessed and/or community pain management plans not instituted.

How to find a local pain clinic:

To provide the most appropriate treatment the PMC kindly requests referrers to provide the following information on our online referral form (Microsoft word form / pdf form). An emailed proforma (Microsoft word form / pdf form) ensures rapid and guaranteed receipt of referral. Referrers will receive an email confirmation. Clinicians may email the proforma with scanned clinician letter if desired and correspondence from other professionals from an email account to If the referral is accepted the patient will be placed on the appropriate waiting list. If the referral is not accepted the referrer, GP and patient will be notified by post.

Facial pain referrals should be directed in the first instance to the facial pain clinic at the Eastman Dental Hospital.

Headache referrals should be directed in the first instance to the headache service at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Referral contact address:

For the most efficient service we prefer to receive electronic referrals. If this is not possible, please print the form, complete and post to us at the following address.

The Pain Management Centre
The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Cleveland Street
25 Cleveland Street
W1T 4AJ.

Telephone: 020 3448 4776 
Fax: 0203 448 3511