Sleep neurology service  

Neurologists/neurophysiologists (Drs Sofia Eriksson and Prof Matthew Walker) specialising in neurological sleep disorders in adults over 17 years of age. We have extensive experience of the diagnosis and full range of treatments of neurological sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, nocturnal seizures, periodic limb movements of sleep, non-REM and REM-parasomnias, and in the differential diagnosis of nocturnal or sleep related paroxysmal attacks. Symptoms meriting referral include:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Rhythmic leg movements/jerks during sleep
  • Atypical sleep behaviours such as sleep walking/talking, confusional arousals
  • Unexplained paroxysmal symptoms during sleep, especially with abnormal motor behaviour  
  • Sleep disorders associated with neurological disease such as epilepsy, dementia and neurodegenerative conditions

Due to resource limitations, we cannot currently see patients with uncomplicated symptoms of insomnia, who may instead be referred to the sleep services at RLHIM.

The sleep service is closely linked with epilepsy services at the NHNN and utilises the video-telemetry unit at the NHNN for in-patient overnight polysomnography, Multiple Sleep Latency tests and Maintenance of Wakefulness Test.

Prof Matthew Walker

Dr Sofia Eriksson

Prof Matthew Walker Epilepsy, Neurology and neurosurgery, Sleep neurology service
Dr Sofia Eriksson Epilepsy, Neurology and neurosurgery, Sleep neurology service

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Sleep neurology service
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