Terry Powell 

Terry Powell was struck down without any warning signs as he chatted to a colleague. 

Terry Powell

“Suddenly, the chair seemed to disappear and I landed in a heap on the floor.  I couldn’t move my left arm or leg and I couldn’t understand why no-one could understand what I was saying.”

It is estimated that one person suffers a stroke in the UK every five minutes and 57-year-old Mr Powell had become one of them.  Paramedics took him to A&E at University College Hospital (UCH).

Stroke neurologists from the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), who are on duty round-the-clock, administered thrombolysis – a clot-busting treatment which improved Mr Powell’s chances of a good recovery.

A comparatively high proportion of stroke patients at UCLH undergo thrombolysis (18%) compared to other hospitals but speed is vital: it must be administered within four and-a-half hours of the onset of symptoms.

He said: “The doctors and nurses were excellent from the moment I was admitted.  I was told very clearly what was happening at every stage of my treatment.
“I had suffered a major stroke but everyone was quite amazed at how quickly I recovered: by the fourth day I was walking around the ward and the physio and speech therapists helped me get my smile back.”

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