Mixed sex accommodation and privacy 

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) has demonstrated its commitment to improving privacy and respect for its patients by eliminating mixed sex accommodation from our hospitals.

When patients are admitted to UCLH they will be nursed in a room or bay within a ward with patients of the same sex. Where possible the wards are arranged so that male bays and female bays are in separate areas. Sharing with members of the opposite sex will only happen in exceptional circumstances and be based on clinical need (such as in critical care wards).

Patients can also expect to have access to toilets and bathrooms which are close to their bed and designated male or female.

Patients at UCLH will only share accommodation with a member of the opposite sex if they:

  • Require specialist facilities that can only be provided in critical care areas
  • Actively choose to share for example, Children and Young people's areas

It is possible that there will be both male and female patients on the same ward but patients of the opposite sex will not be accommodated in shared bays of beds.

Patients may have to cross a ward corridor to reach a bathroom but they will not have to walk through areas occupied by patients of the opposite sex to get there.

Patients may share some communal space, such as day rooms, and it is very likely that visitors and healthcare professionals of both sexes will come into shared bays of beds.

If patients need help to use the toilet or take a bath, they may be taken to a ‘unisex’ bathroom but a member of staff will accompany them and other patients will not be in the bathroom at the same time.

If you are unhappy about your bed arrangements please speak to the admissions office or the nurse looking after your care. We will try to find you a more suitable space. Safeguarding your privacy and dignity is a high priority for all our staff.

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