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UCLH is committed to involving patients, carers and members of the public in planning, developing, delivering and monitoring the services it provides and commissions. We recognise that part of involving patients and the public is about giving people a say in how we do things at UCLH. Listening to our patients and the local community enables us to drive the improvements that matter to them; it is one of the ways in which we can deliver our objective of providing quality patient care.

Involving patients and the public in decision-making is crucial to ensuring that NHS services deliver what patients want and need. Improving the experience of patients, users and their carers is a top priority for UCLH. This section of the website contains information on how you can get involved.

Patient and public involvement

Become a member - it's free!We are keen to involve patients and the public in a variety of different ways at the Trust. This might range from joining our Foundation Trust membership, volunteering for UCLH, taking part in a survey, or perhaps sitting on a patient panel. Other examples of how people have been involved at UCLH include:

  • Training – It’s important for staff to understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of care. Patients have told us their stories about experience through video, which have then been included in staff training.
  • Focus groups – Women who had given birth at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital were invited to discuss their experiences and identify areas for service improvement. These were then discussed with senior management who took action on the main themes that were identified.
  • Quality improvement – Nurses worked with older adults to explore their experience of dignity in care using the creative arts. Participants were invited to make use of collage, movement/dance and sculpting with clay. The nurses and patients were able to learn and reflect together. One of the participants commented “… it’s a partnership, being given a voice, listened to, and people are prepared to learn”. There are always new and interesting opportunities to get involved.

To find out more about how you can get involved in developing and improving services at UCLH, please email the Patient and Public Involvement Lead.

  • UCLH transformation: People, Process, Technology

    UCLH transformation: People, Process, Technology

    University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to involving patients, carers and others in planning, delivering, monitoring and improving the services we provide.

    At our Listening Event in April you told us…

    • There is a need for better communication between the hospital and its patients; hospital letters can be confusing and there are delays in receiving information and results
    • Healthcare professionals and clinical departments should work together more efficiently
    • Patients should be involved in decisions made about their own treatment plan
    • The hospital should use feedback to make service improvements
    • The Listening Event was a good idea - 90% of attendees said that they would attend a similar event

    A follow up event was held on Wednesday 20th September 2017 to raise awareness of the transformation programmes that are happening across UCLH, and to gain interest from patients who wish to be more involved in these projects.

    A full report from the day is available to download

    The next listening event will take place in early 2018.

  • UCLH Listening Event: Involving You in What Matters Most

    A listening event took place on 12th April 2017 to improve the way UCLH engages with, and involves, patients and the public. 38 patients and members attended the event and were asked ‘what matters to you’ and how they would like to be involved with UCLH.

    A full report from the day is available to download

    90% of attendees said that they would attend a similar event. This was the first in a series of events that will be held by UCLH and following events will be arranged on specific topics.