Having surgery at UCLH - video guide for patients 

Knowing what to expect from your surgery will not only help you plan and prepare for your admission to hospital but will also help your recovery after your surgery. 

There are different types of surgery that can vary in outcome and the days patients spend in hospital. The appointments and preparation however patients go through before and after their surgery are very similar, regardless the surgery they have. Patients and staff at UCLH NHS Foundation Trust have helped put these short films together explaining to you, your family and friends what to expect from this process if you are thinking about having surgery under the care of one of our hospitals. We hope you find this information useful.

  • 01 - Having surgery at University College London Hospitals UCLH Introduction

  • 02 - Making the decision to have surgery at UCLH

  • 03 - Attending pre-assessment clinic at UCLH

  • 04 - Before coming in to hospital at UCLH

  • 05 - Travelling to UCLH

  • 06 - Having an anaesthetic at UCLH

  • 07- Your operation at UCLH

  • 08 - After your operation at UCLH

  • 09 - Recovering from surgery at UCLH

  • 10 - Going home from UCLH after surgery

  • 11 - Other professionals after your surgery at UCLH

  • 12 - Attending follow up clinic at UCLH

  • 13 - Surgery at UCLH - Joan's story

  • 15 - Surgery at UCLH - Richard's story

  • 14 - Surgery at UCLH - Kathryn's story

  • Video information for people with learning disabilities and autism

  • Visiting University College Hospital for surgery

    This short video guide for patients with learning disabilities and their carers attempts to explain what to expect when coming to hospital for surgery.