Visiting a patient 

We encourage relatives and friends to visit patients. Most wards have open visiting times however it is always best to check with the individual ward first. If the times are difficult for you, please tell the person in charge of the ward who will arrange alternative times.

If you have a cough, cold, stomach upset, are vomiting or have any other possibly infectious condition, please contact the ward for advice before visiting.

Only two people may sit with the patient at any one time. You may sometimes be asked to wait outside for a few minutes while treatment is carried out. Children under 12 can only visit if the person in charge gives permission and they should be accompanied by an adult.

  • Presents for patients

    Patients often like to receive gifts while in hospital, but please bear in mind that because of health and safety reasons, we cannot allow cooked food to be stored or reheated. You are welcome, however, to bring gifts such as fruits, sweets, books and magazines. The person in charge will tell you if there is anything the patient should not have. Please check before bringing flowers, as some wards and intensive care areas do not allow them, because procedures for controlling infections in these areas are very strict.

    Click here for other UCLH hospital visiting times

  • Visitors to the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing (EGA)

    The EGA is open to visitors from 2.30pm to 8.00pm every day, although partners may stay beyond that time by arrangement with the midwife in charge of the ward. We would normally limit the number of visitors to two people but this may be exceeded by arrangement with the midwife in charge of the ward.
  • Security arrangements for the EGA

    We are continuously reviewing our safety procedures to make sure that the EGA is as secure as possible. Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) and a baby-tracking system is in operation in this hospital; details and procedures will be explained to you by the ward staff.

    The EGA has a manned guarding response force which pro-actively patrols the wards within the EGA & respond to all alarms. They are also our front of house officers who can help and assist in patient enquires for directions and check that all mother and baby discharges are authorised with the Midwife who should be in attendance at every discharge.

  • Smoking

    UCLH has a smoke-free environment, no smoking is allowed on UCLH premises or its grounds. All wards and public areas within the hospitals are non-smoking. Please discuss any concerns you may have about this with the ward staff.

    The use of e-cigarettes and the charging of them is also not permitted within the hospitals, the grounds, or in hospital transport as they are known fire and safety hazards. More information on the risks associated with the use and charging of e-cigarettes, particularly when also using oxygen as part of your treatment can be provided by nursing staff.

  • UCLH carers’ policy

    The UCLH Carers’ Policy sets out a framework for clear and effective communication between patients, carers and the Trust. Click here to download the UCLH carer's policy and guidelines.