Before you arrive 

Your admission date

If you need to change your admission date, please contact us as soon as possible. We will try to arrange a date that is convenient for you. If you have special needs (such a diet or equipment), please let us know. Your admission letter should give a contact for number for your enquiries. If you are unsure, call the switchboard on 020 3456 7890 or 0845 155 5000  (premium call rates could apply) and they will connect you to the correct ward.

Read your admission letter carefully; it will tell you what to do to prepare for your admission. Please make sure you follow any instructions about eating or drinking on the day of your admission, otherwise your treatment may be delayed or postponed.

If you are feeling unwell

If you get a cough, cold, skin infection or stomach upset, please call the admissions number on your letter or call the ward where you are being admitted.


If you have a key worker, social worker or other professional who regularly helps you at home, please talk to them and the team at the hospital before your admission. This will help us to ensure we get you home as soon as you are well enough to leave hospital, and make sure all the necessary follow-up arrangements have been made.

If you’r supported by an unpaid carer, please see the Information for carers page.


Very rarely we may have to cancel your planned admission because of a large number of patients requiring emergency care. If your operation is cancelled on the day of admission, we aim to re-admit you within a month of the cancellation.

Do you need an interpreter?

Even though you may have a friend or family member with you if your first language is not English and you need help to communicate with staff, UCLH will provide qualified Professionals to interpret for you through either our Telephone Interpreting Service or via a Face to Face interpreter. Please let your GP know your preferred means of communication when he or she is referring you onto the hospital, for example (BSL, Sign Supported English, Speech to Text, Lip speaker) so that we are able to arrange the correct communication professional for you.

You can find more information on our interpreting services page.

Patient Safety film

Your safety is important to us. If you are coming into hospital please watch our short film about patient safety which will help us to help you stay safe during your stay.