Hospital wristbands 

We are starting a new system in our hospital to help us to improve and speed up processes for getting patients to a bed when they most need it.

From 5 December 2017 patients admitted to University College Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery are being given a new wristband to wear. Women who are having a baby at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing will also be given a new wristband but they will not be put on newborn babies.

This is in addition to our patient ID band - so you will have two UCLH wristbands.

The new wristband has a small badge that is linked to our new Coordination Centre. This centre helps us manage how we provide care to our patients at each stage of their treatment in hospital to improve efficiency and reduce delays.

By wearing the wristband you are helping us to:

  • see immediately when a bed is empty and needs cleaning following a patient’s discharge from hospital
  • monitor stages of a patient’s treatment in real time

When you are discharged your wristband is removed and put into a box. This automatically sends a message to our cleaning team to prepare your bed for the next patient. This will really help us to reduce a patient’s waiting time to get to a bed.

From May 2018, we will also use the wristband to monitor your location during certain stages in your treatment in operating theatres and other procedural areas (including in our maternity suites).

The wristband is not checking your general movements and contains no personal information about you or your medical condition.