NIHR/Wellcome UCLH Research Facility 

The NIHR/Wellcome UCLH Research Facility is situated in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing of UCLH. The facility provides 20 beds, a laboratory, an endoscopy suite, dispensaries and specialist staff, all dedicated to clinical research.

Clinical Research Centre

The CRF is a purpose-built environment for volunteers and patients taking part in early-phase clinical trials and other research projects. It coordinates all aspects of clinical research.

We provide information about research, perform blood tests and other investigations, administer medication and treatments, and support patients throughout their involvement in medical research.

For researchers, the CRF provides a specialist environment where they can conduct their studies as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible.

Research taking place at the CRF is focuses on understanding the causes of human disease and the effects of new treatments, tests and devices. Some of the trials will be of new drugs being used for the first time in human volunteers. At any one time we host over 50 research projects at the CRF.


 Contact details

NIHR/Wellcome UCLH Research Facility
University College Hospital
Clinical Research Facility
Ground floor
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing
235 Euston Road
London NW1 2BU

Main CRF enquiry line
Telephone: 0203 447 6036
Fax: 020 3447 6094

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing