We are a world-class leader in clinical research and have one of the largest portfolios of studies. At any one time we can have over 1,400 research projects taking place in our hospitals.

Our clinicians work closely with scientists at UCL (University College London) and together we continue to make advances in medical research that will directly benefit patients and save many lives.

Our work ranges from experimental medicine,which looks at the causes of disease, how certain treatments work and whether they are safe, to large scale clinical trials which test the effectiveness of new drugs.

Because we are an international centre for research, our patients have access to some of the most cutting edge treatments. Each year thousands of our patients volunteer to take part in these studies.

To find out what studies are currently taking place at UCLH click here.

UCLH has 10 research leads who promote and lead the development of research within their clinical area. Click here to read more about the role of the research leads.


Our research is delivered through:

UCLH Performance in approving and recruiting to research studies

NHS service providers like UCLH produce performance data on initiating and delivering clinical research, in particular on how long it takes for a clinical trial to start. The data shows the length of time between the date when researchers first applied for NHS approval (called NHS Permission) to carry out a clinical trial and the date when the first participant was recruited to the trial. Information is also provided on trials that have finished, showing whether the trial achieved its anticipated total recruitment target.

Follow this link to access full details of UCLH’s most recent research performance data.

UCLH Learning Portal
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 Did you know?

  • At any one time around 1,200 leading edge research projects are ongoing across the Trust’s hospital sites.
  • Last year over 16,000 people volunteered to take part in research at UCLH.