Taking part in research at UCLH 

  • Should I volunteer to take part in a research trial?

    Many hundreds of people a year in the UK choose to take part in research. Some people choose to because they want to give something back and some want to help prevent and treat diseases in the future. Some do it so they can have access to new treatments.

    If you are thinking about taking part in research, it’s important to remember:

    • all research studies have a strict definition of which patients can take part. So even if you have the relevant disease, you may not be eligible.
    • you won’t necessarily get a new better treatment. Bear in mind that the study is being carried out to find if the new treatment is better than what is currently available. It may be the same or it may be worse.
    • However, some trials may monitor your condition more regularly than with standard care - ask a doctor or nurse what kind of monitoring is involved.

    Before you agree to take part in a trial staff will explain to you the risks and benefits of getting involved and what is involved, for example how often you need to come to hospital and what test you will need to undergo. You will also be given an information sheet to take away and read in your own time.

    If you decide not to take part in research, your care will not be affected. You can choose to withdraw from a trial and,  if you do, you will still receive the best treatment available.

 If you want to take part in a research trial: