EHRS information for patients 

We are designing and implementing a new system at UCLH that will bring together all the information about your care into a single electronic health record. This means that anyone in your care team will have access to the latest information in one place.

At the moment, information is available in your paper patient notes and a number of systems around our hospitals. Having all the latest information available electronically in one place means we can further improve care. Your doctor, nurse, pharmacist or anyone in your care team will be able to see your care history and the most recent information you've shared with us. Removing the time looking for the right information during your appointment.

This means that we don't have to ask you the same information over and over again, we simply need to check that it is still right. We will be able to reduce the time spent on admin tasks and focus on the care you need. Getting you to see the right people, sooner.

But it doesn't stop there. A single and secure electronic health record means we can build up a picture of different conditions, causes, treatments and results over time. It means we can use this information to find new treatments and improve care now and in the future. Patients will need to give their consent for their data to be used in this way. All information will be de-identified and patients can opt out at any time.

As part of our new EHRS due to be introduced in April 2019, we plan to also offer patients an online patient portal accessible on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Patients will be able to access their own data safely and securely, to help manage and improve their conditions and communicate with their care team.

Damon Kamming, consultant anaesthetist who is also helping to design the system said: “Being both a patient and a doctor here, I have seen things from both sides. The patient portal will help patients to manage and improve their condition, improve communication with healthcare teams, and make it easier for staff to deliver care.”