New technology 

Many new features will be rolling out over the coming year:

New IT equipment

We are not just implementing a new electronic health record, we are also upgrading our computers and introducing new hand-held devices so our clinical staff can quickly and easily view or enter patient data at the point of care.

Mobile documentation

Our staff will be able to document patient observations, record notes, and place requests all from computers on wheels, phones and tablets.

Barcoding to enhance safety

We can improve patient safety by scanning patient wristbands, medications, and other products.

Enhanced research abilities

Patients can easily take part in research, helping to raise trial recruitment and improve our understanding of disease and treatments.

On-demand reporting

On-demand, custom reporting will allow clinicians to follow a patient’s condition or situation on a ward.

Comprehensive health record

Patient information will be accessible in one place, including detailed patient history, drugs, images, treatments, and results.

Real-time information

The record is constantly updated so clinicians will be able to see results as soon as they come in.

Increased insight

Staff will be able to see relevant information to assist with resource planning, patient booking, and historic trends.

Scheduling improvements

Staff receive alerts when one appointment is cancelled or rescheduled that relates to other appointments.

Patient portal

MyCare UCLH, our new patient portal will allow patients to view information about their care, and interact with UCLH, on their smartphones, tablets or computers.


Patients will be able to use the portal for some follow-up visits from the comfort of their own home.

Patient access to record in hospital

Pilot wards will allow patients to view their schedule, recent lab requests, and information about their condition through the MyCare UCLH bedside patient portal.

No more repeated questions

With the full care team viewing the same system, staff will not unnecessarily need to ask patients the same question over and over again – only to check if information is still current.