One patient record 

Our EHRS will provide easy access to all the information needed to make better decisions. With a single log-in, clinicians will be able to see a patient’s full medical history, including any inpatient or outpatient care, diagnostic tests or medications. Everyone will use the same electronic patient record. Nurses will document care at the bedside on mobile devices, clinicians will place requests, view results and record notes, and admin staff will plan patient visits - all from a single system.

  • Better and safer care

    For clinicians, it means easy access to a patient’s complete story at UCLH. For patients, it means processes proven to produce better outcomes and reduce the risk of errors. Patients will also have access to an online patient portal, making it easier for them to access information about their care and communicate with their care teams, for example requesting changes to appointments and requesting repeat prescriptions.

  • Here are some of the features and benefits our EHRS will bring:

    • All information will be accessible in one place, including detailed patient history, treatments, and results
    • It will be possible to document patient observations, record notes, and place requests from handheld devices
    • The patient record is constantly updated so clinicians will see results as soon as they come in – i.e. in ‘real time’
    • On-demand, custom reporting will allow staff to follow a patient’s condition or situation
    • An online patient portal will allow patients to view information about their care on their smartphones, tablets or computers
    • Administrative staff will have all relevant information to help with planning and scheduling appointments
    • Administrative staff can receive alerts when one appointment is cancelled or rescheduled that relates to other appointments