Life after childhood cancer – long term support and follow up (UCLH web chat) 

UCLH and Great Ormond Street Hospital work as a unified centre and together make up Europe’s largest centre for the treatment of childhood and adolescent cancers. The long-term follow-up service at UCLH is now the main referral centre for adult survivors of childhood cancer treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital and The Royal Marsden Hospital.

UCLH will also host one of only two NHS high energy proton beam therapy centres due to open in 2019.
As survival after childhood and adolescent cancer improves the focus moves from intensifying treatment to reducing long term effects. Not all treatments are associated with significant late effects but it is currently national guidance to follow up all childhood cancer survivors long term. According to the British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study 66% of adult survivors of childhood cancer suffer from at least one treatment related adverse effect. Late effects can occur many years after treatment is finished and are dependent on the drugs and modalities of treatment used.

Our specialist multidisciplinary team provides long term follow up and advice to survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer after their cancer treatment has finished. Transition from Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal Marsden Hospital occurs at around the age of 17/18years. The focus of the UCLH service includes surveillance and treatment of late effects, lifestyle advice and prevention of late effects as well as emotional and psychological support.

Our experts, Susan Mehta, lead clinical nurse specialist and Dr Victoria Grandage, Adolescent Haematologist with an interest in Late Effects lead the late effects multidisciplinary team.

The conversation will focus on physical and emotional health issues that can arise a few years after treatment has finished. We will be able to answer questions about the issues that may be experienced following treatment for childhood cancer and how patients may be supported to deal with them.

To put your questions to Victoria and Susan, simply visit this page on 29 September at 1pm. Alternatively, post your questions in advance to and we will endeavour to answer them on the day. You can set your web chat email reminder in the box below.

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