Smile – we’ve got an oral medicine expert to answer your questions in our next webchat 

This one hour web chat took place at:
11am - 12 noon on Wednesday 11 June 2014.

If you’ve got problems with your mouth, salivary glands or jaws, you might not feel like smiling this ‘National Smile Month’, but we had an expert on hand to answer any questions you might have in our ‘ask an expert’ series of webchats.  Dr Tim Hodgson is the clinical director of the world renowned Eastman Dental Hospital, which treats over 85,000 patients per year and is at the forefront of research into oral conditions and diseases.  Dr Hodgson is an oral medicine expert with over 50 articles published in medical journals.  His special areas of interest include oral conditions associated with other diseases, like HIV or Crohn’s disease as well as potentially malignant oral lesions.


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