Ask an expert about prolapse and pelvic floor problems (UCLH web chat) 

Pelvic floor problems are a silent epidemic - up to 20-30% of women are affected by a prolapse, and many more experience general pelvic floor problems.  Symptoms are wide ranging and life changing – difficulty in emptying bladder and bowel, recurrent urinary infections, difficulty with intercourse and backache are just some of the symptoms that blight the lives of many women. 

Our expert Mr Arvind Vashisht is a consultant gynaecologist who specialises in treating women with pelvic floor problems, including prolapse, as well as symptoms resulting from child birth at the Elizabeth Anderson Wing at University College Hospital.  His research interests include minimal access, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery.  If you had any questions about this topic - whether prevention, treatment options, or what’s happening in the latest research – you put them to Mr Vashisht in our web chat and you can view a replay in the window below.

Live Blog Ask an expert about prolapse and pelvic floor problems

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