Staff survey 

More than 45 per cent of the UCLH workforce – almost 3,500 of us – completed the 2016 NHS Survey. The results provide a snapshot of what we think about our working lives. The good news is that despite the challenges facing all NHS organisations, UCLH is still a place that the majority of us would recommend as a place to be treated or to work. Overall, UCLH was in the top 20 per cent of acute trusts for staff engagement. Importantly, we improved in 14 of the 32 key subject areas – and saw little or no change in the remaining 18.

A vote of confidence in UCLH
84 per cent of staff would be happy for their friends or family to be treated at UCLH compared to 70 per cent of acute trusts nationally.
70 per cent would recommend UCLH as a place to work (62 per cent nationally).


High-quality care
84 per cent are satisfied with the quality of care given to patients at UCLH, in line with the national average of 83 per cent. 91 per cent feel their role makes a difference to patients (90 per cent nationally) and 83 per cent agree that care of patients is UCLH’s top priority (76 per cent nationally). 66 per cent agree feedback from patients is used to make informed decisions (58 per cent nationally).

Staff engagement
73 per cent of staff feel able to contribute towards improvements at work (70 per cent nationally).

Raising concerns
72 per cent feel confident and secure about raising concerns at UCLH about unsafe clinical practice (69 per cent nationally).
You can raise any concerns with your line manager, or phone the UCLH Employee Relations team (020 3447 9191), the workforce director (020 3447 9569), the Guardian Service (0333 0015 123) or the NHS Whistleblowing Helpline
(0800 724 725).

Bullying and harassment
31 per cent said they had experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from staff in the past year, unchanged from 2015 (25 per cent nationally).

39 per cent of staff said they had suffered work-related stress over the past year (41 per cent nationally).

Let's talk
39 per cent of staff reported good communication between senior management and staff, up 6 per cent on last year

Equal opportunities
78 per cent of staff felt UCLH provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion (87 per cent nationally). 18 per cent said they had experienced discrimination at work in the past year (11 per cent nationally).

Areas for improvement

- Bullying and harassment
- Discrimination at work
- Working extra hours
- Work-related stress
- Reduction in staff feeling pressured to come to work when unwell)
- Equal opportunities for career progression or promotion.

Working hours
77 per cent of staff said they work extra hours, paid and/or unpaid (72 per cent nationally).

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