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Spotlight on the facial function clinic

13 March, 2018

The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital runs a monthly multidisciplinary facial function clinic.

New chair at UCLH

13 March, 2018

Lord Prior has been appointed chair at UCLH, replacing Richard Murley who came to the end of his term in December after seven years at the helm.

New booklet empowers girls and young women to understand normal vulva appearance

13 March, 2018

A UCLH clinical nurse specialist has co-led a project to develop a booklet to educate young people on normal vulva appearance.

New website for north and east London residents to help spot cancer early

13 March, 2018

UCLH Cancer Collaborative has revamped the small c website -


13 March, 2018

Since 2014 the UCLH@Home service has been enabling patients who are clinically stable to complete the remainder of their acute care pathway at home while remaining under the care of their hospital consultant.

Recovery Package for cancer patients

11 December, 2017

The Recovery Package is a series of interventions which will better support and improve the quality of life of people living with cancer and beyond.

Holiday clinic closure

11 December, 2017

The paediatrics service will not be running rapid referral clinics over the holiday period.

Helping patients leave hospital safely and quickly

26 October, 2017

UCLH has been working with Islington, Haringey and Camden local authorities and community health providers to transform how patients are discharged through a new approach called “discharge to assess”.

Self-funded intrauterine insemination service

26 October, 2017

The Reproductive Medicine Unit (RMU) at UCLH is launching a new service aimed at women hoping to conceive with donated sperm.

Patient and carer network launched by UCLH Cancer Collaborative

26 October, 2017

UCLH Cancer Collaborative has launched a new patient and carer network for people with recent experience of cancer treatment in north central and east London and west Essex.

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